Welcome to Jefferson Middle School.

We have put together a few presentations for you to get to know our school more. The real experts, our Sixth graders, have put their expertise to work so you can catch a glimpse into different aspects of our school. Click through each prezi and find out more about Jefferson!

    • School Introduction. General information about our school, staff, and students.

    • School Clubs. The school has SO many clubs for students to be a part of. This gives a comprehensive overview of all of the clubs.

    • Encore Classes. Here at Jefferson, we have great teachers who go above and beyond the core classes. Art, Drama, Science Tech, Music, and more.

    • Teachers. The Who's Who of our teams. We have 3 teams in the 6th grade: Orcas, Penguins, and Dolphins. Get to know a little more about your teachers.

    • FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions. Are you worried about your locker? How about your teachers? Here are some frequently asked questions with really insightful answers.